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Infordisa Telecom is the operator that fully adapts to the most demanding technical needs

We work for all types of companies, whether SMEs or large corporations.


Professional communication for companies 


Fixed telephony without fissures or nuances. A single fee, clear and transparent, that covers everything. Equipment, consumption and customizations of all kinds, adapted to your business environment.

Mobile Phone

The best Movistar and Orange coverage without the hassle of working with large companies. Free ups and downs, without permanence or ties of any kind.

Internet connection

Business connectivity goes through all kinds of approaches. fiber, radio link, satellite or 4G. Everything you need to keep your business connected to the world.


Learn about the benefits of working with Infordisa Telecom 

Custom 100%

We propose a completely customized solution adapted to the needs of each company, defining an exclusive plan completely adjusted to each approach.

Single fee

Forget about working with different operators for each service. We present all the contracted services in a single monthly invoice, thus stabilizing your company's budget.

No permanence

We think that permanence makes no sense, the company that works with us must do so of its own free will and not out of obligation, which is why we never apply permanence to our services.

Next to you

Proximity is a fundamental value for the quality of our proposal, prioritizing a quick, face-to-face and decisive response, guaranteeing the continuity of the service and the communication of the company.


We have a software development department ready to design and develop any application integrated with the voice communications service. Also with Microsoft Teams.

Installation included

We will present you with a single fee, which will be billed once you have the operating service. Installation services are included in the proposal.

Other features

What if you need some specific functionality?

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the quintessential communication platform tied to the Microsoft 365 suite, with spectacular potential and endless options. Now you can do without physical devices, if you so wish, and use the application exclusively Microsoft Teams for internal and external calls.

Thanks to this technology, you will be able to use the corporate number (fixed telephone number) whatever device you use and from anywhere in the world. Business mobility and integration elevated to maximum power.

Ask for proof and discover its potential.

Tailor-made development

The possibilities offered by development are endless, also applied to communication solutions such as IP voice communications. Thanks to a team of software programmers, we can tailor-make applications to meet the most demanding needs.

Imagine being able to analyze in detail the most common call patterns and find out which customers you talk to the most. Or imagine being able to link incoming and outgoing calls with your favorite CRM software. All this and much more is possible thanks to our development team. Give us your challenge and we will gladly take it on.


Depending on the area where your company is located, you can have 300Mbps, 500Mbps or 600Mbps. Check yours fiber coverage.

Yes, with portability you can switch operators and keep the current numbering. We will take care of everything and make the necessary arrangements to do so.

No, our proposals never last. We believe that our customers should work with us voluntarily and for the satisfaction of our service, and under no circumstances should we hold them against their will.

We work with both technologies. Since each company may have different requirements and environments, we propose in each situation the option that is most interesting. We adapt in every way so that the solution is the most optimal.

Yes. We provide remote and face-to-face support 24 × 7 for those customers who hire this possibility.

Yes. We give you personalized access to your switchboard so that you can do and undo to your liking, always with our support and with all the possibilities at your disposal.

Of course. We are convinced that the future is digital and we believe that Microsoft Teams will be a key element in this digitization.

Yes, all our fibers always carry static IP included. This option is also available for 4G connections with Movistar coverage.

We can offer you Movistar and Orange coverage lines. We can analyze the most suitable one for your current location and let you check it without obligation.



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