Integrate the virtual switchboard
with Microsoft Teams

Integrate the
virtual switchboard
Microsoft Teams

Call any phone
directly from Teams

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Always with your corporate number

Use Microsoft Teams 100%, the market-leading unified communications tool
Get more ease of use space mobility information convenience communication

Your fixed line on your mobile!

Easily manage all calls from Microsoft Teams. Make or receive calls from any number. You will be able to be connected from anywhere, without ever missing a call.

All the telephony features you need

Call forwarding, call history, (calls made, missed and received)...


One of the biggest advantages of Microsoft Teams integration with the Telecom virtual switchboard is that it allows us to use company resources from anywhere we have a device and an internet connection.

A unified platform

Communicate with colleagues, clients or external collaborators through the same platform and in a collaborative and interactive way. Infinite possibilities in a single environment for efficient management of business processes.

A certified and reliable infrastructure

Our infrastructure consists of a shared SBC certified by Microsoft for the use of Infordisa telephony in Microsoft Teams. All our technical elements are redundant with the aim of guaranteeing a high availability of the service.

Always with your corporate number

Make all your calls wherever you are, always with your corporate phone number.

Unlimited calling plans from Infordisa

To accompany this solution with Microsoft Teams, Infordisa Telecom offers unlimited plans to its domestic calls to landlines and mobiles, as well as to 70 international destinations.

If you already work with Microsoft Teams
Now you just need it integrate telephony!
/ Keep IT simple connected in Telecom

let's talk about it and you will see how we can improve your telephony.

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Learn to use all the functions of the integrated telephony in Microsoft Teams

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Improve the communications system of your company with telephony in Teams.

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